Believe-Eat-Or-Not Recipe

You could use fresh tomatoes, but having a pantry-ready stock pile of quality San Marzano tomatoes makes this dish. The beloved grocery store is her favorite spot for weekly healthy groceries because of the convenience, the prices, and the ease of food prep. This post contains affiliate links.

Would buy again

It reminds me of when I studied abroad in Florence and used to snack on crackers with cheese and truffle honey. The flavor is much better than other store-bought dough, and I love the way it sets up and stretches after resting at room temperature for 20 minutes. And this is coming from an Italian food snob re: The mozzarella balls are marinated in olive oil, basil, and other herbs, so they're perfect alone or paired with some bread and olives.

Prosciutto is hands down my favorite meat, but unnecessary additives like nitrates always turn me off from buying most store brands. I live for the fact that this addictive prosciutto only has two ingredients: It's so fast and easy to heat up and is crazy delicious. I try to keep one in the freezer for emergency meals! I've requested it for countless birthday celebrations over the years, preferring it to most made-to-order or bakery case versions.

When I'm feeling fancy and making bolognese , I go for this egg pappardelle pasta, which has the perfect texture. It cooks in less than 10 minutes, and the crust gets nice and browned while the cheese melts and the pepperoni develops just the right amount of grease. These are the best local bakeries in each state. The 16 Best Italian Foods You Can Get at Trader Joe's Trader Joe's has some of the best hidden gems among its stocked aisles, including amazing Italian foods that rival products from artisanal markets.

Found the story interesting? When I read your post yesterday morning, I knew what I was making for dinner! This came together quickly and tasted like it was from a five star restaurant! I will definitely be making this again and again! Thank you for sharing! You are a fast shopper and cook! So glad you liked it. I want lunch at your house! Gnocchi is a favorite fall and winter addition to our menu planning from simplicity of this tomato sauce to mixing with a rich creamy cheese sauce. Wow…I love Italian and am slowly planning my vacation in the hills above Tuscany sitting outside under the stars eating a big bowl of gnocchi draped in Parmesan.

I will be most definitely making this soon, it looks freaking amazing! Those are some seeeeeriously gorgeous food photos, Lady!!! Hi Heidi, I made this a few times. The last time it came out wonderful. Thanks a lot for sharing. This looks so good. I absolutely love gnocchi and have the same regret of not eating it more. Love your recipes and photo! Oh my, look at that gooey mozzarella!!

Wow, made your sauce last night. I felt I was in the best Italian restaurant in the world. I made potato and butternut gnocchi to go along for the beautiful sauce ride. Made this for dinner last night. Thanks for the great recipe. Haha, I just realized I already left the same comment awhile back.

Clearly I have strong feelings about this recipe. Delicious recipe- Even the kids loved it! Will be a repeat on our menu. So glad you like it Jessica. Just made this tonight and it was pretty good. I made the gnocchi from scratch just to see if i could.

The dish turned out so well! This was the first time I have ever made a tomato-based sauce from scratch. Infusing the olive oil with the herbs from the outset was pretty cool.

Thank you for the recipe! This was so good! My whole incredibly picky family loved it and had seconds! Thanks for Sharing the recipe! This will definitely be something we make often. Made this last weekend. Cannot wait to make it again! Thanks SO much for the recipe! These were so good! What a great quick dinner to serve guests.

Only this evening, it was just for me and my hubby! Oh meh gawd that sauce. Adding cheese…well…that always ups the ante. So glad you enjoyed. I found this on Pinterest and made it for dinner tonight.

My husband and I loved it! Great pictures and directions! This gnocchi with pomodoro sauce recipe will literally make your face explode. We have it at least once a week lol: Heidi — As you know I shared your recipe on my blog yesterday.

The photography was so good I just had to make the gnocchi. I totally derailed on my grocery shopping list and switched to buying the ingredients in your recipe. I made it for dinner last night and it was fabulous. The aroma from the herbs in the oil was amazing. I tried this pomodoro sauce!

It was very good! I hand made the gnocci. I managed to time it all perfectly!!! I cooked the sauce down longer than this suggested, and added half fresh tomatoes and half canned. It was the first time I tried to make my own sauce. It turned out so yummy and it can be used with other pasta as well! I lived in Indonesia do not know what it gnocchi.. I will be looking for more info lanjut.. I came across this recipe last week when my boyfriend brought home a box of gnocchi. All I can say is this recipe is Excellent!!

My boyfriend and I love this recipe so much that were putting it on permanent rotation. Thanks for coming back and letting me know it was a success Dee-Dee. Glad your man enjoyed it too. I followed the recipe exactly, just had to use frozen gnocchi. You made this working mom cook feel like a pro serving this dish!! Made it a couple weeks ago just for my husband and myself and we both loved it! Making it for company tonight. The smell of the fresh herbs is wonderful and might be what makes this dish taste so wonderful!

I made this last night, and it was so delicious. I have never used gnocchi before until this year. Your recipe is very easy to make. My husband is not a real red sauce fan but loved it!! This is definite added to my make again. Found this recipe on Pinterest and I made it for dinner tonight along side some lovely chicken with mozz and mushrooms. I will be making this a lot in the future!

Made me feel like an Italian chef making this dish: This looks absolutely diving! I was wanting to add some protein though.. Do you have any suggestions?? And I immediately thought of your dish. Thanks so much for posting this. I made this recipe yesterday and my family was in awe it was so delicious, my husband suggested adding peas the next time?

Made this for family 7 adults we did not talk loved it so delicious better then I have had anywhere searched everywhere to get the name brads not available in Canada but used best I could find Thank YOU. Thanks for the great recipe: I live in Canada, Ontario to be specific. Between niagara falls and Toronto, we have a few very good authentic Italian markets and I have tried many times to find the DeLallo brand.

Yours is one of many recommendations for this specific brand. Do you have any idea where I can buy it? I do make my own ricotta gnocchi but would love to have a good quality one on hand in my pantry for quick meals. Most store bought gnocchi are dry and gummy. And so, you have great shared, I want try to make it: Thankyou heidi,, thanks so much: I know I will make it again Thanks. Maybe it is time you think and do somethings outside the box Luca.

This recipe was wonderful and there are no set rules which herbs can or cannot be used in cooking. And believe me this was not Crap. Heidi, I just love this recipe. Of course it never comes out looking the same way as the original, but it was a tasty dish!

My most difficult toddler ate dinner. This was really delicious. I made it for my 14th wedding anniversary dinner as a throwback to all the gnocchi in pomodoro sauce that we ate on our honeymoon in Italy. Very special and, for real, it tasted just like the dishes we had in Italy. Super simple sauce; proves that sometimes simple is best. Jill, thank you for sharing that sweet story! So glad you enjoyed and it added a special memory to your day. Thanks for the recipe! I will be making this again and again and refer it to all my family and friends!

We made this tonight and it was delicious! The fresh herbs and the basil at the end with the fresh mozzarella was amazing! Next time I need garlic bread to wipe up the sauce at the end and a bottle of Pinot noir would pair perfect! My 13 year old son just made this for Sunday lunch. He added shrimp for extra yumminess. Absolutely swooning over this dish. I made this a few times. This was amazing, while family loved it!!

I doubled the recipe, added an extra can of diced tomatoes and a tin of anchovies. This will be a Sunday staple! My hubby must like this recipe.

I also love the food photography. This is the specialty of your blog. You give lots of effort to make every post. Squeeze out the excess oil directly onto the top as the drizzle in the final step. I was hungry taxable income read articles singer Dan Want to try to make it. For me, nothing beats simple, especially when it comes to pasta! I will use tonight. When I read your post yesterday morning, I knew what I was making for dinner!.

I have just one question about this. When you say to add the juice is that just the juice from the crushed tomatoes or what is left over in the can? I could go in my garden now and pick the four sprigs of oregano and one could be twice as big as the other. I just made it for my family. It was a huge hit!!! Because of your instructions, it was so easy to prepare.

This is the most delicious recipe I have made in ages!! The flavors are unreal!! Thank you so much!!