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BNPS has been awarded a project name Organizing Theatrical Performances and Community Meeting by UN Women to stage docudrama SAAT (Seven) in Netrakona. UN Women has been working on preventing sexual harassment. As part of this effort, the project is to contribute to the prevention of violence against women and girls in Bangladesh.

The net effect of natriuretic peptides is to promote urine excretion, relax blood vessels, lower blood pressure, and reduce the heart's workload.

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Competition winner announced. Link to Newsletter not included for privacy reasons.

Women activists, ethnic and religious minority leaders and rights activists expressed deep concern on fear-free environment for women and minorities in next general election. We, the BNPS family, express our heartiest congratulation to her on this achievement. A memorandum has been submitted to the Chief Election Commissioner demanding a fair free election environment for women and minority group.

By leading some organizations, all women cannot be regarded as empowered. To make indigenous women economically capable, laws should be made.

In the power structure, the quota system should be formulated for indigenous people. With support of UN Women, BNPS recently developed a comprehensive curriculum including flash cards and video clips as supplementary materials with a view to promote community dialogue of women and community leaders to deliver and facilitate community level discussion session among women and community leaders to promote peace, social cohesion and de-radicalization.

Violent extremism is a growing threat to countries in South and Southeast Asia. Over the past years Bangladesh has experienced a rise in religious extremism with growing violence against a range of groups including secular bloggers, outspoken critics of fundamentalism, members of religious minorities and foreigners.

UN Women has been working on preventing sexual harassment. As part of this effort, the project is to contribute to the prevention of violence against women and girls in Bangladesh. A press conference was organized by BNPS for demanding specific allocation in the National Budget for proper implementation of National Plan of Action taken to implement the National Women Development Policy and quality education.

They also urged to ensure it through proper monitoring by both education department of Bangladesh government and community. Stay safe and come back in refreshed and ready to do it all again. Strings Registration for If you missed the Strings registration morning on Monday, it's not too late! There are still a few spaces available in next year's Group Lessons, open to students from K We are very excited to also be offering a Cello Group Lesson for the first time, so if you'd like to learn cello, let us know!

Instruments can be hired in Term 1. For more information, or to register for next year, email bnps4strings gmail. Concert Strings had a wonderful time performing for the Booth College Preschool, with the enthusiastic young audience joining in at the end for a rousing rendition of Jingle Bells.

It was a lovely surprise when the Strings students were then invited to become the audience, and the preschoolers performed a Christmas song for us! Our school can be proud of how many students in the show started out in performing arts groups here, with ex-BNPS students also involved in dance, choir and orchestra.

Some of our current ethics teachers are moving on at the end of the year and we are seeking volunteers so that all of our 6 current Ethics classes can continue next year. Ethics teachers receive full training by Primary Ethics, the not-for-profit organisation approved to design curriculum and training for the ethics program.

Training consists of a two day workshop and short online modules. Lesson materials are provided. In ethics classes, children learn how to think logically, disagree respectfully and support their arguments with evidence, rather than act according to blind habit or peer pressure.

Children discuss topic such as: The lack of sufficient tissue oxygen makes people with CHF feel weak and tired. Muscle function suffers, making it hard to get around. Kidney function is also impaired, sometimes permanently, adding to the fatigue and complicating treatment. Deprived of its full complement of blood, the brain can slow down along with the rest of the body, producing lethargy, confusion, and even grogginess. The backup of blood produces even more symptoms; it's what puts the congestion in congestive heart failure.

Shortness of breath is a prime complaint. At first, it occurs only during physical exertion, but advanced CHF makes breathing a chore even at rest. Patients with CHF often need to sleep on extra pillows because they get terribly winded if they lie flat; they can even be awakened by shortness of breath so severe that they have to sit bolt upright.

Wheezing and coughing are also among the congestive symptoms of CHF, and the wet lungs are unusually susceptible to pneumonia. Worst of all is acute pulmonary edema, a critical shortness of breath due to fluid in the lungs that requires immediate treatment. As fluid builds up, it can accumulate elsewhere in the body. Because gravity draws fluid downward, the feet and legs often become puffy during the day, only to slim down in bed at night.

In addition, the abdomen may become bloated, and fluid in the liver can cause damage that may be permanent cardiac cirrhosis. Fluid can also accumulate in the scrotum and penis, producing swelling that can be substantial. Urinary symptoms are common in CHF, and they may confuse older men who also have symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia BPH.

In severe CHF, though, urine output is diminished both day and night. Advanced CHF can also produce severe weakness, loss of appetite, and weight loss known as cardiac cachexia. These patients look as if they have widespread cancer, not heart disease. In fact, they are just as sick. About five million Americans have CHF, and more than a half-million more join the ranks each year. It's a very serious condition, but treatments have produced major advances.