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A model attribution edit summary using German: In the first five days it claimed 15 aircraft including 12 Il-2 ground-attack aircraft.

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If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. On 2 September , this force had only 40 aircraft. By 11 May it had 50, and on 21 June , just 60 aircraft were in its employ. In all three cases, this was between one and two percent of Luftwaffe strength on those dates. The expansion of the arm in , and until the end of the war, reflected the shifting policy of the Oberkommando der Luftwaffe and developments on the Eastern Front. It did so as the Luftwaffe's only close-air support geschwader wing.

The Schlacht units were specifically for close air support only. The Stab unit was based at Itshki-Grammatikovo with first and second group. On 9 May it suffered its first casualty when a Hs B-1 of second group was shot down by ground-fire.

Hauptmann Max Eck was posted missing in action. Nevertheless, the effective supporting attacks against Red Army infantry and troop columns immediately behind the front enabled German forces to break through. The Bf fighters also engaged in air-to-air combat, though this was not the wing's mission.

On 12 May first group claimed the first enemy aircraft shot down near Martovka. Kerch fell on 15 May. The cost to the group was two Bf s, lost to ground-fire.

Staffel also supported the attacks. Of note was 4. Pz 's attack on VVS airfields in the opening days. On 9 May the 15 operational Hs s of 8. Staffel claimed 40 Soviet aircraft destroyed on the ground. The IAP destroyed all of its aircraft save for one I Major General Skripko, a staff officer attached to the VVS Crimean Front, remarked, "After dealing heavy strikes against out airfields, the enemy's aviation started blocking them - preventing our fighters from taking off.

The Hs s left 40 aircraft burning. They also supported the breakthrough of the nd Infantry Division which approached the airfield as the air attack unfolded. The division captured 30 Soviet fighters when an advanced motorised party overran the airfield. The wing was sent north to assist with a powerful Soviet spring offensive around Izyum and Kharkov , which became known as the Second Battle of Kharkov. First and second group were based at Konstantinovk, and were immediately engaged against Soviet motorised and armoured forces.

Second group lost three Hs s on 23 May—a severe blow to the recently established group. The base at Konstantinovka was bombed by 7 GShAP of the 4th Air Army but second group's Hs s were not seriously damaged and reported no loss—their rugged construction helped.

During the month the wing flew 1, sorties; 1, Bf missions, by the Hs s and by the Hs s. The 8th Air Army meanwhile flew 3, attacks against German forces from 1 to 8 July The Germans could not understand how their enemy could mount such an effort given the supposed damage the VVS had taken. Most German estimates exaggerated losses; for example to relive the pressure Schl.

The German-led armies reach Stalingrad on the Volga River. The wing was involved in the subsequent Battle of Stalingrad. On 27 July, first group scored a success against Illarionovskoye aircraft west of Stalingrad, and destroyed 15 aircraft and damaged The Soviet fighter defences broke through the escorting JG 52 and 7.

Staffel ' s commanding officer Josef Menapace, Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross recipient, was shot down, but survived. Losses were light at this stage. Staffel was sent to Jesau to re-equip with Hs s while 7 staffel also operated Bf s, which had been sent in the summer to supplement the Hs contingent.

Staffel was diverted to North Africa on 5 November. First group maintained 37 Bf s on 1 September, and after supporting the destruction of the Kalach pocket on 11 August, it moved to Tusov, near Stalingrad until November. Air operations were continuous against the city but flown at a reduced level into the autumn. The offensive broke through north and south of Axis lines around Stalingrad and encircled the German, Italian, Hungarian and Romanian armies in and around the city.

The offensive caused chaos in Luftwaffe airfields as combat units took off to either fight the breakthrough or retreat in the face of approaching Soviet ground forces. At least one Schl.

The aircraft went into action as ground personnel manned the trenches around the town. The last of the Soviet tanks was purportedly destroyed at the edge of the airfield.

On 16 and 17 December , 4. Within three days, Italian lines had collapsed, and II. Second group in particular, flying from the Rossosh area on 6 December , attacked Soviet armoured spearheads attacking the 3rd Romanian and 8th Italian Army. By 22 December it had pulled back to Voroshilovgrad. During the year, 3, Hs , 1, Hs , 1, Bf sorties were flown.

The group claimed aircraft in aerial combat, 91 tanks, 1, vehicles, for the loss of 20 Hs s, 16 Bf s, five Hs s. From the 1 to 16 January , it claimed another 13 tanks. The 3rd Guards Army approached Morozovsk , forcing 7. Staffel to abandon some Hs s there. First group also fought in the defensive battles in deteriorating weather conditions. It flost four Bf s from 30 November to 19 December ; half to fighters. In air combat it claimed six Soviet aircraft on 7 December.

On 31 December first groups 5. Staffel lost its commanding officer Oberstleutnant Josef Graf von und zu Honsbrock. In the first ten days of February 2. Staffel claimed five enemy aircraft, the group's last until May. In May it converted to the Focke-Wulf Fw It was positioned in the Izyum sector until July See more words from the same year. Words that rhyme with gesellschaft. What made you want to look up gesellschaft?

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