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Wackiest whispers in corporate corridors NCLT okays removal of auditor on government plea. The Battalion Football Team. The Battalion Cricket Team.

The Battalion Cross Country Team. The Battalion Boxing Team. First Edition Published Yet each man has its honour in his hand; and as our earliest historian put it: This one owes a great deal to two others.

It is by the courtesy of his son, Lieut. It is appropriate that both these books were written by Stewarts: It is not suggested that readers of this book should cumber their memories with details of dates or of casualties. It is suggested rather that they should read it and learn how much has been achieved by our forebears, and how the battles which have contributed most to our history have been those in which the odds have been most against us. When next it falls to us to go into battle, whatever the circumstances, we must remember that battles never turn out just as expected, and not always when expected; and that when we are present at the making of history, we never know what shape it will take.

Incidentally, the chief and most unexpected feature of every battle is how noisy it is. Nobody knew on the eve of Ticonderoga in , or of Crete in , that the fighting on the morrow, with all casualties which it brought, was to shine among the annals of British arms; nor did anybody realize as they fought at Waterloo or Alamein that they were having a direct influence, every man-jack of them, on the history of the world.

But one can always be sure that one is making history, whether on a big scale or a small, and whether good or bad. As per the 1st edition of July with Addendum No. Veteri frondescit honore, latin: Designed, chiefly, to help the recruit to a knowledge of the history of his regiment, I hope he will regard it, not so much as a lesson book, as an inspiration to emulate the deeds of those who have gone before and to act to the spirit of our motto.

Arthur Paget July, A Very Nice Unread Copy. He was the scourge of the Nazis; Hitler ordered that he was to be shot on sight. He was the personification of Irish courage and the most lovable character to come out of Ulster. Shoot the first person who makes a move, hostile or otherwise.

His brain has recovered from the sock of seeing you there with a gun. He has started to think and is therefore dangerous. You must then shoot the person nearest to you, because he is in the best position to cause you embarrassment. A Very Good Condition Copy of: Complete with Dust Cover. The sixteen chapters each relate to an individual battalion with a comprehensive roll of all awards won by this famous Regiment from the VC down to the MIDs.

There are also a number of very useful tables and pages of statistics relating to the number of awards by rank, the Regiment's casualties in that terrible conflict and a breakdown of Officers' service - essential reading for anyone interested in the "Glorious Glosters" Dimensions: A Gloucestershire Lad at Home and Abroad. Ex Lancashire County Library Book Frederick William Harvey 26 March - 13 February was an English poet, known for poems composed in prisoner-of-war camps at Krefeld and Gütersloh that were sent back to England, during World War I.

He was born in Hartpury, Gloucestershire. Gurney and Herbert Howells, another local composer, would set a number of his poems to music. He started on a legal career, which would always be somewhat tentative. He became a Roman Catholic convert in , and shortly after joined the Gloucestershire Regiment as a private soldier, as World War I broke out.

Serving in France, he was awarded the D. He was captured behind the German lines in , where he began to write more seriously. He returned home in , and married in He did not enjoy any sustained success as a writer, and never fully settled.

This is the story, in memorable pictures and in the haunting verse of Chas Lotter, of the Rhodesian soldier and others who fought alongside him. It was a war fought mostly alone without open and declared friends, and with most of the world dedicated to its downfall. But he was part of a small but elite people. This book has no pretensions of being the full pictorial story of the war, but it does capture the mood of the times which books packed full of historical facts rarely achieve.

Many books have been written, will be written and others will die stillborn, justifying the war or flatly condemning it; books full of pride for Rhodesia and the Rhodesians, books full of sneer for them, books pro UDIing and books anti UDIing, books talking of politicians worldwide having their comfortable say while gradually, a country which had been so young and vibrant, bled and died.

This book contains little of those things, for the Rhodesian soldier and others who fought with him out there in the bush, were not concerned with the politics or justification.

The Rhodesian fighting man, both black and white, knew they were fighting for the very survival of the country they loved, their country, Rhodesia, and believed, and could see by the evidence of their eyes, that the naked terrorism they opposed was evil, and that the native black people would be the main sufferers if the enemy prevailed. They fought, too, because it was their duty as soldiers to fight, and have soldiers since time immemorial.

There has rarely been a finer or braver fighting man than the Rhodesian and his name and names of his regiments are carved with pride in the halls of glory. He owes no one an apology. He never lost a battle, but because the odds were enormous and so unjustly stacked against him, he lost a war and then, afterwards, he lost his country that was Rhodesia. Just a few months later, this same army was on the verge of total defeat, as the Germans had won victory after victory and were threatening to overrun Egypt and the Middle East.

Here is the classic biography of the man who masterminded this great turnabout, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, commander of the German Afrika Korps. The man who burned Hitler's order to execute British raiders and who gave Allied prisoners the same food and medical treatment as his German troops. The tough general who personally conducted reconnaissance under fire in an open car while his tank commanders hid in armored turrets. The author of this book, Brigadier General Desmond Young, fought against Rommel in North Africa, was captured by him, and after his release at the end of the war visited Rommel's family and talked with many of his fellow officers.

Thus, he is able to tell us about intrigues that went on in the German High Command during the war, he is able to give a blow-by-blow description of such decisive battles as Tobruk and El Alamein, and he is able to give personal anecdotes about Rommel and to sort out the facts from the legends that have sprung up around this extraordinary general.

Hardback, complete with original dust cover. Published August by Galago publishing Pty Ltd. A history in words and pictures of the Selous Scouts of Rhodesia, a special force regiment with few equals and none that surpass it, which was formed in and subjected to overnight disbandment on the takeover by Marxist orientated Robert Mugabe and his ZANU party after the British supervised elections in Its brief on formation was a dramatic one: Many of them official photographs or from personal collections which have not been published before, as well as a text of some 70, words telling the story of war from its first murmurings in until the end.

Published by Galago publishing Pty Ltd. This is the story of the Selous Scouts Regiment of Rhodesia which was formed in , and abolished without formal benefit of disbandment, when Robert Mugabe's ZANU party took power after the British supervised elections in A total of eighty five awards.

It is normal in Regimental histories for a roll of honour of dead sustained by a Regiment to be included, as well as a list of persons whom medals were awarded, but this has not been done in this book. Not due to lack of respect for the honoured dead, or because former Selous Scouts do not wish to salute their heroes, but for the more simple and germane reason of fear of reprisals by former terrorists against men who served in the Selous Scouts or their loved ones, particularly former African Selous Scouts.

It is for this reason too why some former officers and men appear in these pages under a mom de guerre and why the faces on many illustrating photographs have been blanked out.

Nevertheless, it is accepted that all terms from terrorist, terrs, guerrillas, boys-in-the-bush, freedom fighters, sons-of-the-soil or cadres means one and the same thing and are interchangeable, according to taste or viewpoint held. Paddy Mayne was the most decorated soldier in the British army in that war.

They talk about the possibility of a reunion with former comrades. She learns that Marie and her daughter and invalid husband are in the French Resistance.

However the family is in turmoil because their son Jacque works for German Military Intelligence, the Abwehr. He is also charged with identifying a sniper who has ambushed and killed a number of German officers.

Jacque realises that his family is in the Resistance, when he discovers they are hiding a British pilot. Richter also holds photographs of Jacque which prove he is the Butcher of Verberie. Scholtz and Richter have the same beautiful French lover called Madeleine. Her young son lives with her, but her Jewish husband is in a concentration camp. Jacque befriends Madeline and promises to help her husband and protect her son. He persuades her to spy on her lovers, so that he can set a trap for Richter.

When the Resistance has finalized their plans for the assassination of Richter, they realize Jacque is a threat to them. In captivity one of the Resistance fighters, Francois Desjardine, recognizes Jacque as the Butcher of Verberie, who murdered his family, and he threatens to kill him. Jacque mysteriously escapes with Nina. Desjardine follows them and Nina is accidentally shot and Jacque falls over the edge of a quarry. The planned assassination goes horribly wrong.

Scholtz is critically injured instead of Richter and members of the Resistance are killed or captured. Churchill planned to visit France and meet German Generals who were prepared to overthrow Hitler.

Now Scholtz has to be rescued or killed before he reveals vital information to the Gestapo. Jay Bee and the Major, decide on a daring rescue involving members of the SAS, who are in Scotland, training for the invasion of Europe.

Paddy Mayne leads the rescue bid. Jacque, who was believed dead, betrays Andrea to Richter and she is imprisoned with her parents in the Castle in the German army camp at Chantilly. Scholtz takes his own life but the rest are set free. In an unexpected twist the identity of the mystery sniper is revealed but Andrea is recaptured and the attackers are forced to retire.

Jacque is also caught up in the battle and once again believed to have been killed. As Andrea is rescued and brought back to safety, there is a surprising revelation and another unexpected reunion. Paddy Mayne and Andrea have a brief but passionate affair, and unknown to Mayne, a son is conceived. A reunion is held 10 years after the war and Jacque Aveline, living under an assumed name decides to attend. Francois Desjardine also attends the reunion and finally exacts his revenge. Churchill did have a network of spies known only to him and the Major.

Josephine Butler was the only woman member of The Secret Circle. The incidents described in this novel are entirely fictitious. Kenneth Fowler Ex Glosters. Copy of a Happy Readers Write Up: This book is absolutely amazing and I do hope that Volume 2 for the rest of Warwickshire is in progress. What it contains is a list of soldiers, sailors and airmen who died between and and who came from South Warwickshire.

They are listed in alphabetical order by year of death within sections devoted to each town or village. In some cases there are sections for individual war memorials.

What is so amazing is that for most of the entries there is a brief biographical note giving the battalion, division and brigade served in the date of death the family details and addresses, where they worked before the war and what medals they were awarded.

A treasure trove for genealogists. The Story of the Northern Rhodesian Regiment by: Worn on the Right Arm. The British Territorial Force T. Worn on the Right above the Breast Pocket. Die Struck in White Metal. Worn on the Right Breast Pocket. Due to Translation the Badge was translated as Army, opposed to Armed Forces as to what it really represented.

Within the Circular Title Scroll Reading: Button Hole Fitting to the Rear Stamped: Raised Makers Mark Reading: Loan to Government to Help war Funds. Issued War Bonds were 15s. Advertising Slogans Mentioned that for 15s. Three part Title Scroll Reads: As Above but a Facing Pair. The British Indian Army, Designated: Headdress Badge 48 mm x 45 mm. Collar Badge 32 mm x 31 mm Each Badge. Volunteers, Enrolled, not Enlisted. No Officer Ranks, they had: On a Grade System. The Auxiliary Territorial Service A.

Die Struck in Gilding Metal. Roots WAAC - First Aid Nursing Yeomanry F. Die Struck In White Metal. Also worn with a Separate Number. British Rifle Volunteers - Australian Rifle Volunteers - New Zealand Rifle Volunteers - Small Subdued Back Badge.

Black on Olive Green. Machine embroidered with merrowed edges. Very finely machine embroidered with merrowed edges. Gold Bullion Embroidered with Black Highlights. Set on a Dark Blue Backing. Faint Raised Makers Mark Reads: Introduced with the Smaller Front Badge in July - 01 Feb The Front Badge consisted of a Sphinx over a Plinth inscribed: The Cross Patee originated from the 62nd Wiltshire Regiment. The Cross Pattee originated from the 62nd Wiltshire Regiment.

Large Subdued Back Badge. Issued Public Duties Hounslow. Fine machine embroidered with merrowed edges. Stove Glazed, Slider, Makers Mark: Worn on The No. In Unopened Pkt of Issue.

The 15th Kings Hussars. KH resting on a Scroll inscribed: Became part of the Royal Armoured Corps. The Royal Armoured Corps. The Head of a Sable Antelope. On a Maltese Cross.

Surmounted by a Tablet Reading: In the Centre of the Cross a Circlet Reading: Within the Circlet a Bugle with String. Battle Honours on each Arm of Maltese Cross. Complete with a Scarlet Melton Backing. In the Centre St.

George Slaying the Dragon with a Lance. KK - Wood Op Herrick 3, Afghan, c. Rust Brown on Light Sand. Fine Machine Embroidered with Merrowed Edges. MOD announced further Changes to the Amalgamations. The New Regiment came into Existence in Set on a Circular Dark Blue Backing. Front Badge 54 mm x 68 mm - Back Badge 29 mm in Diameter. Front Badge 73 mm x 74 mm - Back Badge 33 mm in Diameter. Front Badge 68 mm x 68 mm - Back Badge 33 mm in Diameter.

Front Badge 49 mm x 39 mm - Back Badge 29 mm in Diameter. King Arthurs Sword Excalibur surmounted by flames. Slight Moth, See Pics! Indian Cast in Bronze. Complete with a Period Scarlet Melton Backing. Encircled by Regimental Title Reading: Missing x 1 Lug. Down, Lying alongside the Body. Including Two Clusters of 3 Berries each Twig. Arms of Bristol with Cross Rifles.

The 1st Battalion The Monmouthshire Regiment. Territorial Army TA Infantry. Rifle Volunteer Corps were re-designated: The 1st Worcestershire Rifle Volunteers Corps. Within the Centre of a Curled Bugle, the Numerals: Designated 1st Worcestershire RVC. A Lion is Placed in between each Arm of the Cross. Above the Cross a Scroll Reading: Amalgamated with Regiment to form: The 28th North Gloucestershire Regiment of Foot. In the Centre of the Strap, The Numbers Die Struck in Brass. Numbered 28th Regiment of Foot.

This is the Post Variation with the Redesigned Castle. East Anglian Brigade Badge. Die Struck in Blackened Gilding Metal. Complete with a piece of Scarlet Red Backing. Three Part Scroll Reading: Fought at the Battle of Brandywine Creek.

Princess of Wales Hertfordshire Regiment. Amalgamated with the 66th Berkshire Regiment. Gloucestershire Regiment Formed at Bristol. Became 6th Bn TF. Transferred to the Royal Tank Regiment R. Raised as 1st Gloucestershire City of Bristol R.

Transferred to the Royal Artillery. Stamped Makers Mark Reads: Economy None Voided Variation. SAS joined the Corps. S Regained its Independent Status. Complete with a cropped piece of Burgundy Felt Backing. Belgian Army, 1st Parachutist Regiment S. Die Struck in Quality White Metal. Belgian Independent Parachute Coy. The Special Air Service Brigade.

Sand Cast in Quality Brass. Cast in White Metal. A slightly larger version of this Badge exists from the same period. Die Struck in Bright Gilt. Quality Gold Bullion Embroidered. Jebel Akhdar Rebellion, Oman. Highlighted white metal letters.

Members of these Corps wore a variety of Armbands and Private Uniforms. These groups existed, without official government sanction or support. They obtained all their insignia under their own initiative. Sealed 25th March Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The 1st Kings Dragoon Guards. Die Stuck in Brass. Sealed 14th December Sealed 04th May Sealed 01st May Within a Circlet with a Seeded Background Inscribed: The 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards.

Complete with a Period Green Felt Backing. Sealed 30th January Sealed 30th July Die Struck in Bronze. Sealed 01 May Formed 30th December from: Disbanded 24th July The Royal Regiment of Artillery.

F, Surmounted by Motto: Major General 2 Star: Lieutenant General 3 Star: In the Centre a five pointed lone black star symbol of African Emancipation.

Ghana means "Warrior King". Established in October Objective to ensure the Security of all Ghanaian International Borders. Small Round Subdued Back Badge. Backed in Off White Synthetic Felt. Merrowed Edges in Black Polyester Threads. Sealed 15th Feb Name changed to the Life Guards in The Calcutta Police Force. Plated with Bright Gold Gilt.

Company Rule in India: Partition of India, British Indian Empire: Headdress 61 mm x 61 mm. Monogram GRI, standing for: Encircled within a Four Part Scroll Reading: Solid Die Struck in White Metal. Indian Cast, Silver Wash, Voided. King's Own Royal Regiment Lancaster.

King's Own Royal Border Regiment. The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment. Title Scroll Motto Reads: Crest given as Badge, Motto: The 15th Northland Regiment. Encircled by a Circlet on a Seeded Background Inscribed: Formed in as The Northland Regiment. Soldiers of the Unit won early acclaim for their Marksmanship. The Palestine Police Force P. Post WW2 - The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Upon the Title Scroll Reading: Complete with a Piece of Green Felt Backing.

Castle Awarded to Commemorate the Defence of Enniskilling Die Struck In Silver. Highest Serial No Seen: Die Struck In Gilding Metal.

The Royal Armoured Corps R. Royal Tank Regiments ie: Dummy Tank Regiments ie: The Royal Tank Corps R. Special Dress Distinction Badge Arm. Worn R Arm, All Ranks. White Metal Badge Tank Rear. The Tank Corps T. Top Concave Scroll Reads: Bottom Convex Scroll Reads: The Royal Tank Regiment R.

Die Struck with Frosted Silver Wash. Rhodesian Style Large Lugs. The Rhodesian Corps of Military Police. The Rhodesian Guard Force. Through the Centre of the Lion a Sword Vertically. Within a Circlet Inscribed: The Royal Corps of Signals. Signallers Nickname for Mercury: Clipped Slider, See Pics. Scarce None Voided Portcullis Variation. Sealed 25th August Die stuck in Gilding Metal. Black Course Linen Backed.

Centered by a Scroll Reading: Busby worn until replaced by the Blue Cloth Helmet. Busby of the Strand, London: Supplier of Fur Caps. The Cape Town Rifles Dukes.

An Eight Pointed Star. Encircled with a Scroll Reading: Single Vertical Pin Fitting. Complete with a Crimson Red Felt Backing. Southern Rhodesian Air Force S. Locally Produced in Rhodesia. Cairo, Egypt , Short lived White Beret. L Det, Officially Became: Lieutenant Colonel David Sterling Captured. North Africa, 2 S. Lt Col Bill Sterling. Special Raiding Squadron, Invasion of Sicily.

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