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Vahrenheider Markt 6, Hannover-Vahrenheide. Internal, external and manual. The Input and Output connectors are standard 4mm gold plated sockets which are separated and clearly labelled. The rugged impact resistant enclosure is surrounded by a durable protective carry case which allows access to all the instrument features and provides convenient pockets for storing test leads and accessories. Whether the MCX II is horizontal orvertical the rotatable display provides the optimal viewing angle.

On the bench, test leads and pressure modules connect to the front face. In the field, with the MCX II held vertically by the wide neck strap, the connections are made to the rear face. With safety a major design concern, these features reduce the possibility of dropping equipment as the operators hands are kept free.

The MCX II has been designed for ease of use while meeting a wide range of application needs including calibration, maintenance and commissioning.

The dual parameter display shows the input and output values in large clear digits with all applicable information such as the units of measurement and range.

Using the rotating display, the rear face electrical connectors and wide neck strap, the instrument can be safely worn around the neck or fastened to a suitable pipe or valve. This leaves the operators hands free at all times and prevents dangerous dropages. Simply scroll through the input and output menus to select the required parameters.

Operating and connection errors such as loop resistance mismatch and cold junction temperature sensor absence are reported.