What’s the Deal with Transparent Aluminum?

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Despite clearly not being a metal — and not a glass either; glasses are amorphous solids, while ceramics are crystalline — AlON and the other transparent ceramics that have been developed since have some amazing properties. The resulting translucent material is ground and polished to transparency before use. Aside from being optically clear, ALON is also immensely tough.

Tests show that a laminated pane of ALON 1. Chances are good that increased demand for the material will drive costs down, and it may not be long before Gorilla Glass is replaced by transparent aluminum smartphone screens that might actually damage the pavement when you drop your phone.

If you have other interesting materials like AlON that we should dig into, let us know about it in the comments below. Screen Rant , Memory Alpha ]. You would get much better radiant heat I think. Am I correct in assuming that the oxynitride means that the aluminium atoms are no longer exposed in a way to be reactive to oxygen? A fire emits a broad spectrum of IR. All of it gets converted to heat at the surface of the room, regardless of if it gets re-emitted at lower frequencies or not, correct?

You should not run a fireplace with the doors closed in most cases. It is less efficient heat and also risky for the doors. So you close the doors instead. This link covers it very well. Probably worth mentioning that some fireplaces are absolutely designed to run with their doors closed and sealed. Airflow around the box is tightly controlled and allows you to throttle the burn rate. Tempered glass will definitely go bang if it gets too hot.

Fireboxes with open doors can get pretty exciting pretty quick if you let them: In good old eco-fascist Germany and meanwhile most of the EU , open fireplaces are now illegal … has something to do with polar bears or some other BS. When done correctly, the wood burns cleaner. That does sound pretty bad. Maybe Hackaday could do an article on the current most successful and efficient ways countries are combating Global Warming? Good point with the IR passthrough.

This would also make it a great material for a lightbulb-style nuclear reactor, assuming UV is also fairly transparent and it has a high enough melting point. Ceramics are pretty good about that. I guess the material they billed for it in the fifties or so was quartz. And the specific impulse and thrust vs.

Gas core fission is hard. I wonder if this stuff would outdo quartz? Aluminum oxide comes to mind — think synthetic ruby nozzles for waterjet cutting or saphire cell phone screens. Yes, al2o3, aluminum oxide when made as a single crystal is sapphire and when.

So how does aluminium go from a metal to an insulator. You increase the bandgap. Would make a great hackaday article on this. Some time ago I saw an IR cam shot of a sewing machine, and the weirdest part was that the black timing belt was almost completely transparant to the IR camera.

This material is pretty new for most people. ALON can be pressed and sintered — which is easier for fabrication than Sapphire which is generally how the optics industry refers to Al2O3. Sapphire needs to be grown with a crystal puller. Unfortunately, the sintering process leaves inclusions that have hampered precision optical applicaitons to date.

Corundum is a crystalline form of aluminium oxide Al2 O3. Corundum has two primary gem varieties, ruby and sapphire depending on the impurities.

So Rubys are made from Aluminium oxide. If only it was possible to modify a comment after posting it, people who make minor mistakes could correct them. Too bad our technology does not allow for such a miracle. Michael — Use your favorite word processor like a HaD posting pre-processor. Use it to check your spelling, reformatting, and sanity-checker.

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I just downloaded Grammarly as a plugin and it is trying to do something. My postings now have superpowers. I wonder if it feels different from glass when you drink out of it? We all wanna see it! They're 'just' tempered glass sandwiched and treated with a proprietary method.

Not in my house. But the rest of the time the bounce! Well, that bounce likely causes a fracture of some kind. Many people report just putting hot food on the plat, just washing it, or picking them up and exploding.

Not even dropping or hitting them on anything. The bounce is not worth glass in the eyes. Seriously, go watch the videos and read comments. People saying the glass pieces explode like popcorn, even after the plate breaks. And the build up of flaws and fissures can cause an catastrophic explosion without notice. The fact that HAD has so many people up in arms about exploding PVC pipes used for potato guns, this product should be added to the list.

We had tempered glass glasses in the company restaurant, and a tiled floor. The rare non-shatterings got a cheer. Not a lot of either, but both. Following up to my comment. He wore a large diamond on a ring, and would surreptitiously scratch the glass before singing to aid in its breaking.

I use Corelle every day. I had a Corning transparent cooking dish. Corning Visions cookware is, like AlON, not a glass but a ceramic. It is translucent, if you like to watch your food cook, and will survive extreme temperature swings, but its low thermal conductivity makes it perform poorly at heating evenly. Apparently they found a process that gives very similar performance without messing around with borosilicate glass.

Growing up my mother had Corelle dishes, and they broke at the drop of a dime it seemed. We also had Corelle dishes when I was a child. I only remember having two, or maybe three, break.

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