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Originally shared by Anita schober. Saku-Pekka Sahlgren to Sandnes Ulf [35]. Though Jesus himself baptized not - The reason why Jesus did not baptize was probably because, if He had baptized, it might have made unhappy divisions among his followers: Retrieved 9 September

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I just reinstalled mine a couple of weeks ago and I had no problems. Sagelight home page is down, forum is down, Rob's email is down: I love this program! Just visited this Community after a long while. Retrieved 1 June Retrieved 16 October Retrieved 10 November Retrieved 3 March Retrieved 15 January Retrieved 5 February Retrieved 3 February Retrieved 22 December Retrieved 16 December Retrieved 28 October Retrieved 15 November Retrieved 26 January Retrieved 22 March Retrieved 6 March New York Red Bulls.

Retrieved 9 February Retrieved 31 October Retrieved 30 March Retrieved 27 November Retrieved 6 November Retrieved 12 February Retrieved 2 March Retrieved 21 March Retrieved 1 December Archived from the original on Retrieved 11 January Retrieved 20 February Retrieved 23 May Retrieved 8 August Retrieved 22 July Retrieved 1 September Retrieved 23 August Retrieved 22 August Retrieved 8 September Retrieved 9 September Retrieved 12 August This is the only N. This is the last mention of baptism under the direction of Jesus till the Great Commission Matthew It is possible that Jesus stopped the baptizing because of the excitement and the issue raised about his Messianic claims till after his resurrection when he enjoined it upon his disciples as a rite of public enlistment in his service.

The report of Jesus' baptizing brought to the Baptist by his disciples is corrected. Baptized The imperfect tense: Copyright Statement The text of this work is public domain. Bibliography Vincent, Marvin R. Although Jesus himself baptized not, but his disciples. Jesus, as divine Lawgiver, instituted baptism, and his disciples administered it. We nowhere hear of the disciples of John administering baptism.

In fact, the Baptist, like the disciples of Jesus, baptized under a divine commission, and could not delegate the power to others. It was the office of Jesus to commission others to this work, not to perform it himself.

Had he done so, those baptized by him might have foolishly claimed for themselves some peculiar honor by reason thereof 1 Corinthians 1: Jesus was the spiritual baptizer, in which baptism the efficacy lies in the administrant; but water baptism, the efficacy of which lies rather in the spirit of the one baptized than in the virtues of the administrant, Jesus left to his disciples.

Copyright Statement These files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available on the Christian Classics Ethereal Library Website. These files were made available by Mr. First published online in at The Restoration Movement Pages. McGarvey and Philip Y. Standard Publishing Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. Though Jesus himself baptized not. Hence we derive a remarkable consolation, when we know that our baptism has no less efficacy to wash and renew us, than if it had been given by the hand of the Son of God.

Nor can it be doubted that, so long as he lived in the world, he abstained from the outward administration of the sign, for the express purpose of testifying to all ages, that Baptism loses nothing of its value when it is administered by a mortal man.

In short, not only does Christ baptize inwardly by his Spirit, but the very symbol which we receive from a mortal man ought to be viewed by us in the same light as if Christ himself displayed his hand from heaven, and stretched it out to us.

And this is sufficient for refuting the Anabaptists, who maintain that, when the minister is a wicked man, the baptism is also vitiated, and, by means of this absurdity, disturb the Church; as Augustine has very properly employed the same argument against the Donatists. Jesus himself baptized not ] A sweet comfort, that Christ is said not to baptize those whom the disciples baptized.

Text Courtesy of BibleSupport. John Trapp Complete Commentary. To assume a further reason, e. At Christus baptizat Spiritu Sancto. Greek Testament Critical Exegetical Commentary. But Christ baptizes with the Holy Spirit. Bibliography Bengel, Johann Albrecht. For he himself did not personally baptize any, but left it to his disciples, himself attending to the greater work of preaching the gospel, by which men and women were made fit for the ordinance of baptism.