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In the following year it won 6. Retrieved 28 November

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Frey continued to spend heavily on elections, investing DM 17 million on the European Parliament election , but winning only 1. Despite this financial and political defeat, the DVU expanded its membership to 25, by , [7] and won six seats in the Parliament of Bremen in , becoming the third-largest party there.

In the following year it won 6. By the DVU was in a financially difficult situation while also experiencing a break down of relations with the NPD.

A short-term alliance with the REP did not last and it was unable to compete in elections for a time. The DVU membership declined and it lost its seats in the Bremen election of , despite spending DM 2 million on the campaign. After losing its seats in Schleswig-Holstein the following year it achieved a better result in Hamburg in , gaining 4,97 percent of the votes, just votes short of earning seats in the state parliament.

Frey attempted to form alliances with the other two major far-right and right-wing parties in Germany but was rebuffed by the REP as being to extremist and by the NPD as being too moderate and business-orientated.

However, by the following year, the DVU fraction was split by infighting and a number of the party's members of parliament left the DVU. The final years of the party saw it lose a substantial number of members and the aging of the remainder. Both parties passed the five-percent threshold in their respective states. The DVU reached 6. After this relatively successful election, the parties formed an electoral alliance for the federal elections.

In , party founder Frey did not run for reelection as chairman and was replaced by Matthias Faust. Several branches and individuals objected to the perceived links between the NPD and Nazism and instead joined with the smaller party the Republicans , who were considered more moderate.

This was especially true in North Rhine Westphalia and Bavaria, where the Republicans were traditionally strongest. Some other individuals formed a new party called Die Rechte meaning "the Right". The party was, from the start, under observation by the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution , [12] who declared the party's policies to be in violation of the German constitution.

DVU candidates in state elections rarely made appearances, remaining in the back ground. Because of Frey's authoritarian leadership, the DVU was often dubbed the "Frey Party" and its financial dependence on Frey ensured that independent party activities were impossible. At the time, Frey's personnel fortune was estimated to be in excess of DM million.

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