Make Homemade Cookie Butter (With Any Cookie!)

On their own, the words had meaning, but together, not so much. Your email address will not be published.

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Ultimate Cookie Butter Spread 6. Goeoy Butter Cake with Cookie Butter 7. No Bake Cookie Butter Cheesecake 8.

Cookie Butter Filled Donut Holes Cookie Butter Milkshake Cookie Butter Cookies Toasted Oatmeal Cookie Butter Bars Cookie Butter Crunch Cups Cookie Butter Truffles Cookie Butter Banana Bread Cookie Butter Pop Tarts Cookie Butter Shortbread Bites. Imagine almond butter with crushed up gingerbread cookies in it Well it comes in a spreadable form and goes great on pretzels, toast, not to mention a spoon and pairs great with a sweet tooth.

Add a dash of sea salt and you're entering taste bud heaven where it doesn't rain cat's and dogs, but only sweet and salty. Let's make it rain! This jar looks great in the pantry, on a night stand, kitchen table, and empty. Grab a jar today, you won't be disappointed. Get nutrition information for Trader Joe's Cookie Butter. Patty Jensen December 20, at Unknown June 10, at 6: Allena December 26, at Anonymous January 12, at 5: Anonymous January 17, at 9: Anonymous March 2, at 9: Anonymous January 20, at 5: Mac February 22, at 3: Anonymous February 29, at 5: Asday March 7, at Anonymous March 10, at 3: Anonymous April 30, at 5: Anonymous March 17, at Anonymous April 3, at Anonymous April 13, at 2: Anonymous April 14, at 8: Anonymous April 19, at 2: Asday April 24, at CCC April 28, at 7: Asday April 28, at 7: Thomas May 1, at Anonymous September 13, at 1: Anonymous May 16, at 5: Anonymous May 16, at 9: Anonymous May 22, at 1: Anonymous June 4, at 8: Natasha Fischer June 6, at I did not have any crazy cravings when I was pregnant with my son, although I wish I did.

But after I tried this ice cream, I have those kind of cravings. That would make it more spectaculoos. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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